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Natural green diamonds are extremely rare to locate and are incredibly expensive. They green diamond creates a perfect investment. Actually, this is correct for many natural fancy colored diamonds.

How rare is a natural green diamond?

Green diamonds can vary from the light pastel green, which is sometimes called Fancy Light Green or Fancy Green, to the rarer Intense Green and Vivid Green diamonds. Naturally investors are curious about the rarer green investment grade diamonds.

Typically only one pure Fancy Intense Green Diamond and Vivid Green Diamond is located every year. Most green diamonds have a yellowish tint that dilutes the greenish tinge; having said that, even they are difficult to discover.

Where does saving money color come from?

In order for a diamond to become green it must be in touch with alpha particles in uranium compounds, also, at times percolating groundwater can also cause this color. Diamonds should have contact with these components for a number of years to ensure that the rock to become green. This really is one of the main reasons why green diamonds is so difficult to find.

On account of the rarity of the color shops generally offer synthetic diamonds, instead of natural green coloured diamonds. If you're thinking of buying an environmentally friendly diamond, because of pleasure or for investment it is critical that you simply examine the diamond documentation and make certain it states the color is natural. All certificates that are issued for any fancy color investment diamonds, will state the color origin of the diamond.

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